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March is National Nutrition Month. During March, we invite you to learn more about making informed food choices and developing healthy eating habits. This month, Wondr Health is showcasing that developing these habits can be easy and accessible.


Register today to learn the benefits of the Mediterranean eating pattern and tips to simplify your shopping list and meal plans.

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If you find yourself staring into your cupboards or refrigerator, struggling to pull together something you’ll actually want to eat, this webinar from Wondr is for you.

Join registered dietitian nutritionist and Wondr instructor, Diana Mesa, as she helps you do a little spring cleaning in the kitchen. In just 30 minutes, Diana will explore the basic benefits of the Mediterranean eating pattern. She will then help you build out a shopping list of essential ingredients to have on hand so you can refresh and restock your kitchen with everything you need for ultimate flavor and flexibility.

Diana will also share 3 easy-to-follow recipes you can try this week to put your newfound know-how (and supplies) to the test.

If you want to simplify meal planning and refresh your kitchen for health, sign up today.

Wednesday, March 20 | 10:00 AM PT

Register today at

You’ll learn:

Benefits of whole, fresh food choices:

  • Mediterranean eating patterns that help you feel better, and can be adaptable to fit your personal and cultural preferences
  • Three delicious and healthy dishes, plus staples ingredients to keep on hand to give you the greatest flexibility in the kitchen
  • How the Wondr program supports you in your own “kitchen reset” and throughout your weight-loss and well-being journey

Interested in signing up for the Wondr program? Apply Here.