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“For Teachers, By Teachers” is more than a tagline for us; it represents our commitment to the educator community. We believe in building a supportive community where teachers feel respected and valued. Your voice matters here. Thank you for being a vital part of THT, where excellence in health is not just a goal—it’s a shared commitment.


40 Years of THT

THT has proudly served Clark County Educators for 40 years. As we reflect on our history, we recognize the critical role of teachers in shaping the future. Our team—many of whom were CCSD teachers and students—brings a unique understanding of the challenges and triumphs that shape the educational landscape in Clark County. At THT, we are not just another health plan; we are your health plan, and we strive every day to enhance your experience.

Meet Our Board

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, comprised of dedicated educators and leaders, plays a pivotal role in steering the course of our health program to ensure its continued effectiveness and responsiveness to the unique needs of the teachers in Clark County. Comprising predominantly of seasoned educators, these trustees bring a wealth of experience, a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by our members, and a shared passion for enhancing the well-being of our teaching community. Throughout the past year, our Board has navigated the complexities of healthcare management with diligence and care, making decisions that prioritize the health and satisfaction of our members.

  • Peggy Melton – CCSD Educator – Joined Board in 2022
  • Jodi Brant – Retired CCSD Educator – Joined Board in 2016
  • Sandi Kendall – CCSD Educator – Joined Board in 2021
  • Christina Hollowood – CCSD Educator – Joined Board in 2024
  • Marie Niesses – CCEA President
  • Walter Davis – CEO, Nevada Health Centers – Joined Board in 2022
  • Laura Rich – Regional Director, America’s Health Insurance Plans – Joined Board in 2023
Self-Funded Insurance Plans

What Makes THT Different?

With the exponential increase in healthcare costs, more employers each year are looking to self-fund their employee healthcare benefits. Fully insured carriers, driven by profit motives, frequently establish premium rates that comply with state and federal minimums while aiming to maximize their profits. In contrast, self-funded plans involve actuaries setting group rates, where the employees and their employer pay only for the healthcare services utilized.

Since CCSD licensed employee benefits are administered by THT, a self-funded non-profit, a greater share of the money goes towards healthcare, as opposed to administrative costs and profits. This results in copays and deductibles that are often lower than fully insured plans. Plus, any money left over at the end of the year is used to offset the next year’s expenses.

Learn more about THT in our recent annual report:
2023 Annual Report2022-23 AuditPPO Comparison
Latest News

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