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The Process of Getting a Diagnosis

If you are in the beginning process of seeking an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis for your child (under 19), here are steps that may assist you:

Step 1: Schedule an Assessment with a Qualified Healthcare Provider

  • THT has partnered with Dr. Michelle Zochowski-Tullio to streamline the process of getting a diagnosis for children and adolescents. Please contact her directly by emailing to start the process (no referral necessary). Member responsibility: $100 copay (Signature members) or $100 copay after deductible (Advantage members).
  • If you use a different provider to obtain a diagnosis for children or adolescents, they might require a referral, which can be obtained from your pediatrician or family doctor. These services are subject to the standard plan benefits, not the copay structure listed above.
  • The Nevada Pediatric Access Line may also be a helpful resource. At your provider’s request, they work directly with your pediatrician or family doctor to help determine the best treatment protocol for your child, all at no additional charge. Ask your provider about this option.

Step 2: Attend the Assessment

  • Arrive for the assessment appointment and be prepared to spend several hours at the provider’s office.
  • It’s important to be open and honest during the assessment process, providing accurate information about the individual’s behaviors and experiences.

Step 3: Review the Comprehensive Report and Follow the Recommendations

  • Based on the assessment findings, the healthcare provider will typically provide recommendations for further evaluation, treatment, and support.
  • These recommendations may include referrals to other healthcare professionals (such as therapists or specialists), educational supports, behavioral interventions, and community resources.
  • Below are other partners that can provide additional services and support.
Services After A Diagnosis

Once you have an autism diagnosis, you may utilize services based on the recommendation of your medical team. Below is a look at the services and the copays available with Teachers Health Trust. You can call the THT UMR team to discuss this in more depth, as well as help you find in-network providers.

Therapy Services

  • Occupational Therapy – $10 Copay
  • Speech Therapy – $10 Copay
  • Physical Therapy – $10 Copay

(These are Signature Plan Copays. Advantage Plan members pay 20% of the cost of services after meeting the deductible.)

Find a Provider

Behavioral Health

  • Teletherapy (some age restrictions) via MDLive – $0 copay for Signature and Advantage
  • Traditional In-Office Therapy – $10 copay

Call (800) 878-6266 to speak with a trained specialist who can assist you in finding a therapist for your specific needs.

Other Behavioral Health Providers
In-network providers specialized with high-functioning talk therapy for children with Autism.

Dental Health

The following in-network providers specialize in treating children on the spectrum.

  1. Summerlin Pediatric Dentistry – Accepts DPPO
    Dr. Hoban, Dr. Row, and their team are here to help make the dental visit as uneventful and relaxing as possible for you and your child.
    Their approach is an adaption of the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) technique: breaking down each desired behavior into even smaller tasks and gradually teaching each small task, one at a time, using rewards in very specific ways.
  2. Crystal Dental – Accepts DPPO and DHMO
    Dr. Aghakhani and Dr. Mack want children to associate the dentist’s office as a good place, instead of being scared, taking time with each patient so that they have an enjoyable visit.

Community Support

“If you’ve met someone with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.” – Dr Stephen Shore

The Las Vegas community has a rich history of trailblazing programs that advocate for understanding and thriving with autism.

The Collaboration Center Foundation

The Collaboration Center is a vast disability network focused on social inclusion, family and peer engagement, recreation, therapy, and education. Today, they are developing a family-centered comprehensive campus to house providers, agencies, and non-profits serving those with different and unique abilities and their families. With their multidisciplinary partnerships, they help individuals, peers, and family members living with Intellectual, Developmental, and Physical Disabilities (ID/DD/PD) over their lifespan.

We can refer a case manager who will assist you with the details and needs of your journey. To request a referral, send us a message in the member portal.

View a list of their events!
Families For Effective Autism Treatment (F.E.A.T)

Families for Effective Autism Treatment, Inc. (FEAT) is a non-profit organization of parents and professionals, intended to help families with children who have received the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), or Asperger’s Syndrome. They offer a support network where families can meet each other and discuss issues surrounding autism and treatment options.

From support groups to events, FEAT brings families together to garner support and lifelong friendships. Every first Monday of the month, join FEAT and those with children diagnosed with autism for an hour of support and conversation.

Learn More About Support Groups Here