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During the June 8th Clark County School District board meeting, Tom Zumtobel, CEO of the Teachers Health Trust issued the following update:

Tom Zumtobel, CEO of Teachers Health Trust (THT)

President Garcia Morales, Superintendent Jara, and Board of Trustees I am here to provide an update and express my gratitude for the continued
opportunity to serve Clark County educators.

  • We have consistently achieved service and financial objectives,
    • Over the past 18 months we have maintained positive financial results while paying claims timely and building cash
    • Our confidence remains high in meeting our obligation regarding the $35 million prepayment.
  • Our priority has been to establish a culture of consistency and service.
    • We implemented standard operating procedures and policies to eliminate exceptions and manage administrative costs.
    • We monitor our performance and service with intention.
  • In the last several months, I haven’t received any direct emails from educators in need of my assistance.
    • An indication our work and your commitment are paying off.
    • There was a time when I received email every night and each weekend,
    • In fact, I have not received a complaint or problem email from any of you in a very long time.
  • As we approach the upcoming Open Enrollment season,
    • We look forward to communicating next year’s benefits.
    • We currently have no plans to change benefits, vendors, or providers,
    • Our open enrollment communication campaign is targeted to start July 31st.
  • Communication timing and any changes are subject to the results of current negotiations.


Thank you for your time.