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Imaging Exclusive Reminder

Signature Plan members have $0 copay at Steinberg Diagnostic. View a list of services at the end of this email!

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging has 10 Locations around the Las Vegas Valley with extended hours for the remainder of the year. You can schedule online, or by calling Monday-Saturday.

Additional Notes

Advantage Plan members pay 20% of the cost of service AFTER your deductible is met.

Members with Out of Area benefits are not eligible. UHC diagnostic imaging providers are available for members outside of the THT service area (i.e. college students).

Steinberg Diagnostic has an exclusive contract with Teachers Health Trust. Services received from a diagnostic imaging provider other than Steinberg Diagnostic will not be covered by the plan EXCEPT in cases where Steinberg Diagnostic cannot perform the service or out of extreme medical necessity.

Covered Services (with a referral from your provider)

  • Mammogram: 3D Mammography ; Breast Biopsy Including Stereotactic Breast Bx.; Breast MRI; Breast Ultrasound
  • Fetal MRI; OB Ultrasound
  • Dexa Scan
  • Fluoroscopy
  • LDCT : Screenings for high risk seniors for lung cancer
  • MRI
  • CT
  • PET Scan
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • X-Ray; Ultrasounds
  • Interventional Radiology :
    • Includes placing chest & arm ports, drainage catheters, needle biopsy/bone biopsy
    • Vertebroplasty & Kyphoplasty (treats compression fractures)
    • IVC Filter placements & removals (prevents blood clots from traveling to heart and lungs)
    • Nephrology image guided procedures

*If you seek care outside of Steinberg Diagnostic for these services, you will not be covered.